At Conduent, we celebrate new ideas and turn them into unique customer value. Our drive for innovation improves the lives of citizens, patients and employees around the world.


We combine deep user insights and best-in-class technologies to create impactful innovation. And through a co-innovation process, our customers become key partners in creating, developing and testing new, unique solutions.


We’re experts at creating simple, touchless business processes to increase productivity, consistency and quality of service.


Our analytical capabilities transform big data into useful information to identify operational improvements and constituent insights.


Customers want real-time, secure, context-aware services. Our deep understanding of the end user helps us exceed expectations with every interaction.

Our Focus Areas

Our innovations simplify and improve business processes, driving the rise of truly digital enterprises. We seamlessly integrate automation, analytics and personalisation to provide unique capabilities for our customers in multiple industries.


From advanced passenger and license plate recognition to apps for personalised multi-modal urban travel, our solutions are helping to create a more efficient and livable world.


We offer integrated data-driven solutions to optimise patient care, drive better outcomes for targeted populations and use the power of analytics to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse.

Customer Care

Our solutions transform traditional care into an automated multi-channel customer experience. Our sophisticated machine learning-based virtual agents can support human operators and provide self-service.

Robotic Process

Our Automation Suite, which includes proprietary Robotic Process Automation Tools, improves speech, accuracy, quality and regulatory compliance by using software bots to perform routine manual tasks.

A Proven Track Record

Conduent innovation recognised for turning good ideas into customer advantages.

Named outstanding corporate innovator by Product Development and Management Association.

US Patents and Pending Patent Applications


Innovation Highlights

Conduent Labs U.S.

For more than 50 years, the innovations developed at the New York research center have contributed to some of our most successful products and services.

Conduent Labs India

Initiated in January 2009, Conduent Labs’ India charter is to explore, develop and incubate innovative services for our global customers, with a special focus on emerging markets.