Outsource Credit Card Services

Recent regulatory requirements have forced credit card companies to implement many changes in disclosure, staffing and reporting. All of these new regulations require a creative approach to achieve growth.

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Here’s an example of our approach: When one of the 10 largest US banks, with over 45 million customer accounts, hired us to help them improve their card acquisition metrics, we drew upon our more than 40 years of financial service industry experience and utilised some of our 39,000 call centre professionals to immediately deliver operational and cost efficiencies.

We process over 3 million credit card applications every month. Our outsourced credit card services are currently helping some of the largest card services companies drive growth while managing compliance and business volatility.

Fixed and Flexible Plans

We offer a unique, phased adoption approach to managing customer care. We deploy hybrid solutions across our broad global footprint of contact centres. This helps you balance domestic, nearshore and offshore voice delivery. Our outsource credit card solutions also have multi-channel communication loyalty programmes and baseline transactional support services. This model is scalable and allows for the rapid hire and training of multi-lingual agents. Additionally, this model also permits the agile deployment of controls and governance to any client communications in order to quickly address new regulatory mandates.

Our tools and workflow processes capture data and information for each customer contact which is then used for analytics and loyalty programmes. We also monitor the metrics used to identify accounts that are showing potential for serial delinquency or are in danger of default.

Our credit card services include:

  • Origination
  • Account Management
  • Default and Collections Services