Outsourced Training Solutions Deliver Expert Instruction

Ensure your training and initiatives run smoothly and efficiently with expert instructors, trainers, and facilitators, as well as logistics coordinators and trained schedulers.


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Need an extra hand to meet training delivery deadlines? You may not want to take on fixed financial risk by adding permanent staff to address seasonal training needs, fulfil a compliance requirement or bring a one-time project to fruition.

Our Learning Delivery Services provide you with flexible tools and resources that scale with your needs, whether you’re preparing for a new product or system roll-out or embarking on a learning initiative. Our experts can step in to supplement your existing learning resources, saving you money and ensuring your project stays on track.

Accessing additional resources and expert staff only when you need them delivers flexible training on schedule and keeps your fixed costs down. We provide a broad array of instructional and management services to address the challenges you face. Whether you require selected supplemental staff to work with your own infrastructure or full-service support to take your initiative from start to finish, we tailor outsourced training solutions to fit your needs.

Human Resources

Conduent Learning Services can provide expert instructors, trainers and facilitators to implement your initiatives, as well as logistics coordinators and trained schedulers to make your training programme run smoothly and efficiently. We’ll find you the right staff, right when you need them.

Scheduling Services

We can work with your organisation’s existing scheduling system or provide our own proprietary scheduling software to meet your timelines and ensure that training occurs as efficiently as possible.

Event Management

Contingencies happen. Luckily, you can draw on the additional support of our project and event management services to take your initiative from the planning phase through to the final analysis. Our experienced managers will work with the resources you have in place to hit your training goals on schedule.

Flexible Support

Conduent Learning’s Delivery Services step in with the trained experts and effective tools you need when new training initiatives put pressure on your existing resources. Whether you’re looking for staffing solutions and project management services on an à la carte basis or end-to-end support, from initial strategy development to metrics and analysis upon project completion, you can count on us for scalability, flexibility and reliability.