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From fare collection to intelligent transportation systems, we make transportation more efficient and reliable.

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As an integrator, we bring computer-aided dispatch/automatic vehicle location (CAD/AVL) systems, ITS technologies and fare collection solutions for all modes of public transportation services.

Fare Collection

Our Fare Collection Solutions are designed for efficiency and reliability. By offering the public flexible payment methods, we make fare collection simple so that you can focus resources toward providing top-quality transportation service. Advanced technologies using open standards for electronic payment and smart card applications, ticket vending machines and passenger access devices help public transport operators by reducing operating costs and improving services to their passengers, generating revenue.

  • Are your ticketing systems antiquated and difficult to use?
  • Do you want more convenient payment methods for your passengers?
  • If you knew more about your passengers, could you make better operational decisions?

Over multiple decades, we have designed a range of fare management solutions that include:

  • Ticket vending machines and validators
  • Inspector terminals
  • Access control gates
  • Powerful management system

We can accommodate any form of payment, whether it be traditional paper tickets, magnetic cards, contactless tickets, contactless smart and bankcards, or electronic payment for mobile ticketing and payment using open banking standards.

Our innovative fare collection systems are scalable and flexible to grow with the latest technology and meet your individual needs. Bringing new capabilities to our clients ensures people using public transit have an efficient, enjoyable transit experience.

We understand the demand for fast, convenient and safe payment alternatives for public transit. We’re helping create the future today with open payment technology. New use of proven technology provides customers with the convenience of quickly paying with electronic wallets and contactless bank cards and eliminating the need to wait in line at ticket machines and counters. What’s more, it presents improved flexibility and significant cost savings by enabling agencies to improve fare policy flexibility while making public transit more convenient for passengers.

Fleet Management

For many cities, making public transport safe, more attractive, faster and more efficient are daily operational challenges. We play a key role in managing these challenges by providing real-time fleet management systems. These systems provide a wealth of dynamic information that transport agencies need to ensure passengers experience fast, safe and reliable public transport.

  • Do you know the exact location of every vehicle in your fleet?
  • Do you know if a bus is behind schedule or in trouble?
  • Are you able to communicate to your passengers accurate, real-time schedule status?

Our integrated fleet management solutions support fixed-route transport, bus rapid transit (BRT), para-transit vehicles, along with supervisor and maintenance vehicles. Dispatchers can constantly monitor vehicle location, collect information on health of the vehicle equipment and keep continuous communication with the entire fleet.

Our integrated fleet management solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • Private radio and cellular communications integration
  • Automatic passenger counting
  • Real-time & web-based passenger information
  • Next stop automated vehicle annunciation
  • Traffic Signal Priority integration
  • Yard management

With our fleet management solutions, managers can take the pulse of their organisation at any given point in time. This transparency allows for better resource and data management and the ability to quickly respond to emergencies aboard the bus with our discrete emergency alarm. And passengers reap the benefits; up-to-the-minute arrival information they can access at stops, while on a bus, train, at home or at work. The result: enhanced service for your passengers and improved efficiency for your organisation.

Mobility Analytics

Every day, millions of commuters buy and use tickets, creating massive amounts of data about daily transportation habits. We recently introduced an analytics platform that analyses this anonymous data quickly and accurately and presents the information with user-friendly graphics, making it easy for transport and parking operators to better understand and even predict commuter needs.

Get a city-wide picture of transportation operations including adherence to schedules, passenger-loading levels and car park utilisation rates. Click here to read more.

Thought Leaders

Sanford Weinberg, VP Fare Solutions – Active in the fare collection industry for more than 25 years, Sandy currently serves as Conduent’s Vice President Fare Collection and Subject Matter Expert to the fare collection market in the U.S. and Canada. Involved in the introduction of Open Payment Technology, account-based solutions as demonstrated in the NY/NJ Transit Trial and continued operation with NJ Transit. He also works closely with Southern Florida Regional Transit Authority (SFRTA), Southern California Regional Rail Authority (Metrolink), Houston (Metro), Cleveland (GCRTA) and Charlotte (CATS). Serves on the APTA Fare Systems & Programmes Committee and the Transportation Council for the SmartCard Alliance.

Prior to joining Conduent, he was a partner with TranSales, a company focused on bringing non-transportation manufactures into the transportation supplier market. Worked with early deployment Smartcard technology in Seoul, South Korea and SmartShuttle in Los Angeles.

Steve Frazzini, Vice President, Public Transport, North America Conduent
Area of Focus: Public Transportation

Steve Frazzini, Vice President, Public Transport, North America is recognised as a leader in the industry’s move to an ‘open payments’ approach for public transportation.

Prior to joining Conduent in 2011, Steve was MTA New York City Transit’s Vice President for Automated Fare Collection and MetroCard Sales Operations, serving 9 million passengers daily.

In a distinguished 25-year career in transportation, Steve is recognised as a guiding hand in the development, implementation and management of New York City’s very successful MetroCard programme, as well as an agent for change in moving the industry from sole source, proprietary systems by leveraging the open market of digital payments.

Initially representing the NYC Transit operating departments in the identification and resolution of operational and business issues arising during the implementation of the MetroCard system in the 90s, Steve later accepted the challenge of successfully introducing over 2,200 MetroCard vending machines (a 0 million investment) to a demanding New York passenger base to begin the 21st century.

Steve went on to serve as a steering committee member for the New York/New Jersey Regional Strategic Alliance (MTA, Port Authority and New Jersey Transit) as well as the NYC Transit lead for the innovative open-payments transport trials in 2006 and 2010, resulting in the industry sea change being experienced today.

The trials demonstrated a viable alternative to the traditional closed-loop, sole-source, proprietary systems that were the norm in public transportation. Programme participants used contactless credit and debit bank cards, as well as mobile payment apps, with agency payment transactions aggregated for processing, from 22 international banks, to travel seamlessly between three regional service providers.

Today Steve is working with his colleagues across lines of business to leverage Conduent capabilities in fare, tolling, parking, congestion management and big data analytics with an eye towards the larger vision of “Smart Cities”.

Steve holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from New York University.

You can arrange an interview or speaker presentation with our transportation thought leaders. To discuss opportunities, contact Sean Collins, Conduent Public Relations at