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Cities are going to get a lot more crowded. How can we help them open up?


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Helping people move around the city is going to take a lot more than just infrastructure. In fact, it’s almost impossible to build our way out of congestion.

Urban mobility is an art and a science. It’s the beautiful orchestration of moving people and goods that comes from improving the efficiency of existing mobility infrastructure, increasing its capacity and changing the behaviour of urban travellers.

At the centre of a transportation system is the traveller. We need to influence the choices that they make so that they choose transport options that reduce congestion, but how?

The most popular device that travellers carry with them is their smartphone. This powerful piece of technology can help us connect the traveller to various transportation services in a way that benefits everyone.

Here are a few of our transit apps that are helping create a seamless mobility experience:

  • Go LA, Go Denver, Go Bengaluru: Encourage multi-modal transport by providing constituents with their mobility choices for every trip. Users can compare trips based on their objective: speed, cost, sustainability or the healthiest combination. This locally-branded transit app is powered by Conduent and paired with our transit and parking.
  • Shop & Ride: Incentivising public transport is a great way to encourage more people to use it. The Shop and Ride transit app delivers personalised, hyper-local, mobile offers to transport passengers based on their preferences and travel patterns. As soon as they sign up, they will begin receiving discounts, savings and special offers from merchants along their route. This app is part of our transport offerings.
  • PayTixTM: We’ve partnered with cities across the United States to enable people to pay for parking tickets in a safe and secure mobile environment without any added usage fee other than a member city’s convenience fee (if applicable). Ask for this app to be added to your parking services.

You can arrange an interview or speaker presentation with our transportation thought leaders. To discuss opportunities, contact Sean Collins, Conduent Public Relations, at